Phone: (262) 783-4699
Address: 3635 N 124th St Brookfield, WI 53005

Track Reference Guide

GENERAL RULES: The following are the rules by which we keep Trackside Raceway a fun, safe and family friendly atmosphere!! All Drivers (Racers and Open Practice Participants) must sign in before you are allowed on the track.

  • All LiPo batteries MUST be charged in an approved LiPo sack.
  • 2s LiPo batteries are only allowed
  • 1:8 scale vehicles are not allowed on the off road track.
  • A “pit towel” must be used while working on your cars in the pits.
  • Tire warmers are not allowed!
  • Foul language and bad behavior will not be accepted, please remember that this is a family atmosphere! Please be respectful of your fellow racer.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings… despite their small size, RC Cars can be dangerous! Parents: please keep an eye on your children; we don’t want to see anyone injured!
  • Trackside Raceway is a non-smoking facility. This includes E-Cigarettes.
  • No drugs or alcohol are allowed on the premises.
  • No more than 12 drivers are allowed on the drivers’ stand at one time
  • No carrying of firearms or weapons.
  • We reserve the right, at our discretion, to refuse admittance to anyone that is disruptive to the operation of the races or store.
  • Please clean up your pit space when you are done for the day

RACING RULES: Trackside Raceway utilizes ROAR guidelines ( ) for Off-Road classes and DODC rules ( for our race program. All acceptable motors, batteries and speed controls can be found via those sanctioning bodies. If you have a question or concern, please bring it to the attention of Trackside staff members or the race director.

  • Legal battery (LiPo) voltage is 8.40 volts; any battery measuring over 8.44 is illegal. If found above, the racer will be allowed to run the battery down to an acceptable voltage. Maximum allowable charge rate is 10A. Only hard-cased LiPo batteries are allowed.
  • All racers are expected to turn marshall following their race. Penalties will be issued for any driver not marshalling. Marshalls are expected to watch their designated area. Marshalls are not allowed to work on a vehicle.
  • All vehicles must be placed on the tech table immediately following their race. The use of reverse during a race is prohibited. The above rules are designed to create a fair and consistent basis for racing.
  • All drivers/cars may be subject to random tech inspection immediately preceding or following a race; this is at the discretion of the race director.

Racers found to be outside of the rules will be penalized. Repeated infractions can lead to partial or complete barring from races; this is at the discretion of the race director

TIPS AND TRICKS: You have chosen to enter the world of R/C Racing… now what do you do with your new car and equipment? The following suggestions can help you gain years of fun out of your R/C vehicle and its’ componentry.

  • Clean your vehicle! By cleaning your car or truck, you will remove dirt and grime from contact surfaces, preventing premature wear…. And you may just find a broken part!
  • Check all fasteners; if they are loose and should be tight – use the correct tool to tighten it. If it is tight and should be free or loose, check to ensure that the fastener isn’t too tight and that the part is in good condition!
  • When charging your batteries, take the time to read the manufacturer guidelines for charge rate. Follow this recommendation. Deviating from that can shorten the life of the battery.
  • Your Radio, Speed Control and Motor are sensitive electronic components. Try to treat them accordingly. Ensure your equipment is free of dust and debris, stays in a dry environment (unless otherwise specified) and store in a climate controlled atmosphere.
  • Your Speed Control and Motor are sensitive to heat… Most motors should be kept below 160-180 degrees F. Some speed controls and motors are equipped with temperature shutdowns, do not disable this feature – it is meant to protect your expensive equipment!
  • Ask questions. Our staff and your fellow racers are great sources of information and are happy to help!!
  • Pay attention to polarity (+/-). Most electrical components will fail when connected backwards!

Download Track Reference PDF

Indoor Off-Road Racing

Off-Road Racing Information

  • Doors Open at Noon; open practice until 5:30 – racer only practice after 5:30
  • Racing starts at 7pm
  • 2 Qualifiers and Single Main (bump ups are utilized for all classes)
  • All Trackside classes will be run if there are at least 4 entries for the class.

Indoor Off-Road Classes

  • This Class Is for People Just Starting To Race
  • 1/10 Scale 2WD Or 4WD
  • 2s Lipo Battery Pack, 8.44V Max Voltage Fully Charged

  • 1/10 Scale 2WD Buggy
  • 2S Lipo Battery Pack, 8.44V Max Voltage Fully Charged
  • 21.5 Hobbywing Just Stock Sealed Brushless Motor
  • Zero Timing on Speed Control (Blinky)
  • Spec Gear Ratio
  • Minimum Weight 1474 grams

  • 1/10 Scale 2WD Buggy
  • 2S Lipo Battery Pack, 8.44V Max Voltage Fully Charged
  • 17.5T Brushless Motor
  • Zero Timing on Speed Control (Blinky)
  • Minimum Weight 1474 grams
  • 1/10 Scale 2WD Buggy
  • 2S Lipo Battery Pack, 8.44V Max Voltage Fully Charged
  • Modified Brushless Motor
  • Minimum Weight 1474 grams
  • 1/10 Scale 2WD Short Corse
  • 2S Lipo Battery Pack, 8.44V Max Voltage Fully Charged
  • 17.5T Brushless Motor
  • Zero Timing on Speed Control (Blinky)
  • Minimum Weight 2098 grams
  • 1/10 Scale 4WD Buggy
  • 2s Lipo Battery Pack, 8.44V Max Voltage Fully Charged
  • 13.5T Brushless Motor
  • Zero Timing on Speed Control (Blinky)
  • Minimum Weight 1588 grams
  • Traxxas 2WD Slash
  • Any Traxxas Pre-Mount SCT Tires
  • XL-5 ESC & Titan 12T Brushed Motor
  • Only Traxxas Or RPM Upgrades Allowed (No RPM Transmission Allowed)
  • Traxxas LCG Chassis Allowed
  • Any Servo
  • Any Transmtter Allowed

Indoor Dirt Oval Racing

Dirt Oval Racing Information

  • Doors Open at 9:00 AM
  • Racing Starts at 12:00pm
  • 3 Qualifiers With 14 Heats and Under, Single Mains with Bumps
  • Re-Sort After Round 2

Dirt Oval Classes

  • OPEN TO ANY FACTORY MASS PRODUCED STOCK SHORT COURSE TRUCK 2wd (rear and mid motor) BUT NO ONE OFF SPECIAL MADE CHASSISES! For example no Murfdogg, BBE razor, GFRP/hyper drive
  • Body:  Sipple speed shop, HRC, bad boys ,Barts modified body . or equivilant windows may be cut out but sails must remain intact! "no cutting out rear sail" Two piece rear sail is ok
  • Roof and sides must meet evenly " no roof rails, wickers, ecc."
  • 1.5" max rear spoiler "if you have spoiler end caps must be even with spoiler height"
  • No straight sail like a sidedam.
  • Rear body must cover rear tires
  • No "flopper body's"
  • Electronics: 
    Motor: 17.5 ROAR approved Motor
  • ESC: Blinky with ROAR approved softwear
    Any ROAR legal 2S lipo battery
    LIPO Must be hard case lipo's!
  • Adjustable arms are legal. Open toe on Left rear. Max Toe out on Right rear is 0deg
  • Weight: Max 2oz of weight can be added with in the footprint of the chassi
  • Tires: 
    Dynamite Robber
    Duratrax Bandito
    Duratrax Bandito SC-m
  • Other Notes: 
    SCT STYLE SHOCKS ONLY(no sedan shocks)
    Only SC parts
    Battery mounted in original Manufacturer location
    Eletronics can be mounted anywhere on the chassis
    Equal length control arms
  • Trackside will follow all DODC Guidelines for all Sprint Car Classes
  • (DODC Rules)
  • 8.44 Max Voltage
  • 55oz Minimum Weight

  • Must use stock Traxxas Slash 2wd chassis or LCG chassis and components, unmodified, unless otherwise specified. No modifying, replacing, or removing any components unless otherwise specified.
  • All suspension components must be installed in the proper position and orientation on the car from the factory (EXAMPLE: Left caster block on the left; right block on the right, suspension arms right side up, etc.). Any color Traxxas Slash aluminum steering bell cranks (#3743), caster blocks (#3632), steering blocks (#3636), camber links, and rear axle carriers (#3652) are allowed.
  • RPM rear carriers (#80382), front steering blocks (#80372), caster blocks (#80712), and front (#80952, #80953, #80955) & rear (#81002, #81003, #81005) bumpers will be allowed. The "hoop" and "ears" on the front bumper may be cut off, however, the main area of the bumper must remain intact (unless you are running a body manufactures front body mount/bumper.
  • Transmitter/Receiver and servo may be replaced. (Servo saver will also not be a tech item) Traxxas Aluminum Steering Bellcranks (3743A and 3743X
  • Locking or modifying the differential in any way will not be allowed. The differential must have normal diff action when rotating one rear tire against the normal compression (resistance) of the motor. No ball diffs.
  • 2oz of additional weight can be added within the main chassis plate area. Adding weight to nerf bars, bumpers, headers, suspension arms, or any component not within the main chassis area will not be allowed. The ESC, transponder, and receiver can be mounted anywhere in the main chassis plate area only. Minimum Ride Height: .750" (including body).
  • Motor, ESC, & Battery: Must use the stock XL-5 ESC(unaltered) & unaltered Titan 12t 550 brushed motor. Tuning, tweaking, or modifying the motor in any way will not be allowed. The stock (bullet) connectors from the motor to the ESC must also be used. Soldering the connectors together is not allowed.
  • No cooling fans on the motor or esc.
  • Any 2s 7.4v lipo hard case only
  • Battery must be mounted in the stock center tray location, but can be moved forward or back as long as it stays within the stock boundaries of the battery tray. Any plug may be used for the battery to ESC connection. However, direct soldering to the battery will not be allowed.
  • Tires, Wheels, & Inserts: Altering the inside of the tire in any way will not be allowed. However, gluing or taping the outside of the tire to help prevent traction rolling will be allowed. Tires cannot be ground down to slicks. One foam insert per tire only. Approved tires for Trackside are the Duratrax Bandito SC-M C3 or C2, Duratrax Bandito SC C3 or C2, and the Duratrax Upshots
  • Shocks & Springs: Any Slash tuning spring by Traxxas will be allowed. Springs may not be cut or altered from factory in any way. Aluminum shock caps (any color) are allowed. The shock oil or shock travel/length will not be mandated. 2-stage pistons or any modification to the shock piston to tune the compression and rebound separately will not be allowed.
  • If it doesn’t state that you can use or do it to the car it’s NOT ALLOWED!

Approved part list: RPM-80712, 80832, 80852, 81002, 81003, 81005, 80902, 80905, 80372, 80382, 80244, 80249, 80599, 73752, 80592, 80595, 80594
All Brands of Aluminum shock caps that fit on the stock shocks STRC- ST3640S, ST3640BK.
All Alum parts that Traxxas make for the 2wd electric slash are allowed.

  • Trackside will follow all DODC Guidelines for all Sprint Car Classes
  • (DODC Rules)
  • Must Use The Reedy 17.5 ASC293 Brushless Motor
  • The Reedy 17.5 ASC293 Must Be Sealed By Trackside Or Other Parcipitating Tracks
  • Must Use The BSR Approved Spec Tire
  • 8.44 Max Voltage
  • 55oz Minimum Weight

  • Trackside will follow all DODC Guidelines for all Latemodel Classes
  • (DODC Rules)
  • Must Use The Reedy 17.5 ASC293 Brushless Motor
  • The Reedy 17.5 ASC293 Must Be Sealed By Trackside Or Other Parcipitating Tracks
  • Must Use The BSR Approved Spec Tire
  • 8.44 Max Voltage
  • 53oz Minimum Weight

  • Trackside will follow all DODC Guidelines for all Latemodel Classes
  • (DODC Rules)
  • Must Use A R.O.A.R Approved 17.5 Brushless Motor
  • 8.44 Max Voltage
  • 53oz Minimum Weight
  • Open Foam Tire
  • Trackside will follow all DODC Guidelines for all Sprint Car Classes
  • (DODC Rules)
  • Must Use A R.O.A.R Approved 17.5 Brushless Motor
  • 8.44 Max Voltage
  • 55oz Minimum Weight
  • Open Foam Tire

Dirt Midget Rules:

All height measurements are from bottom of chassis unless otherwise noted.

Tires- Trackside will use the DE Phenom Clay compound tire part # DER-PBF-C1 Fronts & part # DER-PBR-C1 Rears. Absolutly No Modifing of the inserts.

General - Maximum Overall Length: 16.750". Maximum Chassis width: 4.2" Maximum of 4 shocks can be used. Solid axles are allowed. If solid axles are used the rear axle must be square with centerline of the chassis and parallel to the front axle.

Wheelbase- Min 9.5” Max 10.0”

Width- Min 8.5” Max 10.0” Rear Toe- Only non adjustable rear arms can be used. Trackside toe adjustable rear hubs and or arms are not allowed. Trackside adjustable wheelbase is not allowed (can’t have toe blocks or anything else attached to an easily adjustable mechanism to allow for wheelbase change trackside). Left rear can be toed in via toe block. Right rear can be toed in but can NOT be toed out. Offset- Right side of the cage can be no further offset from the outside of the RR tire than 3.625” Ballast Weight- Brass, tungsten or steel hubs, arms, arm inserts, caster blocks, steering arms are not allowed. Ballast weight can be attached to the main chassis area is allowed as long as it’s secured properly. Transmission – 3 gear transmissions only. No DD, 2, 4 or 5 gear transmissions will be allowed. All gears must be full gears. No narrowed or lightened gears allowed. Plastic, Aluminum and Steel gears are permitted. Steel outdrives only. Blades are permitted. No gear diffs allowed. No rear motor cars allowed unless you can do it in a manner that the tail tank is appropriately sized and located. Solid Axle Option- If a solid rear axle design is used it, the motor must be mounted to the chassis and cva/cvd must be used to drive the rear axle. No belts or chains will be allowed. A spur gear and pinion must be used in conjunction with the motor plate mounted to the chassis. CVA/CVD- Dog bones must be equal length. Axles and bones must be made from steel. No aluminum, titanium or magnesium axles or bones allowed. Speed Controller - Hobbywing Justock Speed controller # 30112003 Motor – Hobbywing 13.5T Justock #30408010 Battery - 2S hard case lipo Tires – Tire choice is track/event choice. This class must be on a spec tire and only 1 spec tire is allowed at an event or track. Promotor can choose the tire that works best for their event but must make a choice on only one tire option for this class. If there are multiple compounds of the same style of tire then they can be used. No cutting, grooving or modifying the size and shape of tire is allowed (foam tires are allowed to be cut and grooved).

Cage – Must have a scale appearing contemporary cage made out of rounded stock. The cage must be symmetrical left to right and mounted level to the chassis. Unrealistic shaped cages designed to exploit the rules below are not permitted. Maximum cage width at driver halo, down tubes, and top frame rail: 3.600". Minimum cage height is 6.00” while maximum cage height 6.25" from top of chassis to top of cage at highest point. Rear “down tubes” must slant forward. All cage and body components such as cage, bumpers, nerf bars, hoods, side panels, tanks, etc. must be mounted on the centerline of the cage. Chassis may not extend outside of the side panels by more than 1/4" on either side.

Bumpers – A tubular front bumper must be used and may not be designed to direct air or create downforce. Maximum height of front bumper is 1.5” from the bottom of the lowest point of the chassis. Scale appearing side nerf bars must be used on both sides of the car. A scale appearing rear hoop style bumper must be used. Bumpers and nerf bars must be made of rounded stock with no sharp edges.

Tail tank – A traditional scale appearing rounded style three dimensional rear fuel cell must be used. A rectangle (Swindell) style rear tank is allowed but must have a proper style rear bumper to go with it. You can not simply have a flat tail section with no bumper.

Headers - Three dimensional scale appearing headers, head and oil tank must be used on the left side of car in “engine area”. Material must be plastic or aluminum. Not allowed to make inserts for these to add ballast weight.

Side panels – Flat side panels may be made from molded or fabricated polycarbonate. Maximum height of side panels in front of the driver cockpit is 4.50” from the bottom of the chassis. Must have minimum of 1/2" high by 2.5" long openings on both sides of cage in driver compartment. Additional material may be used/added to either side of the side panel openings to replicate a scale appearing driver but may not exceed 1" x 1". Side panels may not extend beyond the cage by more than 0.25”. Side Panels may not extend into the area that is behind the rear axle AND below the top of the rear nerf bar. Scale appearing driver arm guards and engine vents may be used but cannot extend more than 3/8" from the side panels. No other flares or turnouts designed to deflect, trap and/or form a pattern for air to travel in a directed manner are permitted except for those used to cool electronics.

Hood – A scale appearing hood must be used and is defined as beginning at the point where torsion tubes or cross brace would be on a 1:1 car behind the front bumper. The hood must be tall enough and wide enough to allow room for a scale engine intake and air cleaners (no unrealistically low or flat hoods). Minimum vertical gap from top of hood to bottom of front cage crossbar.

Nose Area – No molded or fabricated nose piece may be used and is defined from the torsion tube or cross brace would be on a 1:1 car. You can not have anything below that point that is on the same plane as the hood. No scoops or bodywork allowed in this area. You can have side panels along the front of the cage but the can not stick past the cage sides.

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